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    Naturally you may have questions about See Spot Smile's Pet Care Services.  See below for many Frequently Asked Questions.  Should you need more information than is provided here, please feel free to contact us: 

     Phone  (704) 302-3595 or

What happens during inclement weather or natural disaster ?

Rain or shine, cold or heat, your pet gets the exercise he deserves. You decide. Professional Pet Sitters are entrusted to use best judgment in caring for pet(s) and home in the unlikely event of a natural disaster. Rest assured your pet's well-being is first and foremost.


What if my pet needs medication or has special needs while I'm gone ?

See Spot Smile can give medications to your pet and is prepared to handle each Client's individual need with the utmost of care.

What happens if I return early from a trip ?           

     We ask that you notify us promptly, although you still may be charged for time scheduled.   Extenuating circumstances will be considered.    


Are there any restrictions on what pets will be accepted as Clients ?

Normally the only restriction is that the pet must be current with its normal vaccinations. Extreme cases of pet agression are rare, and usually are discernable in the introductory visit. Safety of both Pet and Pet Sitter take first priority.

Why shouldn't I kennel my pet ?

The biggest reason to use an In-Home service is the comfort of your pet. While your pet will certainly miss your company, the next best thing for him or her is comfortable and familiar surroundings - those of his home. Secondly, there is less exposure to transmission of disease or parasites. You won't have to worry about restrictions on times of pick up or drop off and you are saved the transportation to and from an external environment.

My vet boards my pet. Isn't that better ?

While we think of the vet's office as a place that helps our pets it is also, from the pet's point of view, a stressful environment. In an environment of ill pets who are unhappy to be there, why expose your healthy pet to the unneeded stress?


An added benefit of In-home services is the one-on-one attention given to your pet. With an office full of boarded pets, your pet is one of many that crave full attention.


How do I know what kind of experience my pet has had while I was away?

A daily Activity Report is written with each visit and left behind so you know what went on with your pet while you were gone. Any highlights are noted as well as eating habits. You will return to read a daily accounting of observations & activites so you have a sketch of your pet's experience. Of course any important developments will be relayed to you through phone calls/texts, or you are free to phone/text See Spot Smile to check up on any concerns you may have while you're away from your pet.

What are your rates ?

-AM & PM 30 min. visits - $20.00

-AM & PM 45 min.visits - $33.00

-Midday visits lasting 15-20 min. - $15.00

-Some Overnights are available, depending on schedules.

(Weekly Special Discount is offered for regular clients - midday visits of 5 consecutive days - $70.00)


Extra charge for visits after 7:00pm

$2.00/xtra pet over 2


$5.00/visit holiday charge - Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day

$100.00/overnight - Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day 


See Spot Smile's rates are competitive and within national & local Charlotte averages.

Discounts are given for regular customers, so call for up-to-date Specials and current rates.